“In Hundred Thoughts Preschool, the children are accorded the respect an adult would receive. This is because these children are capable (or even more capable than adults) to fulfil  many things with their small little hands (but great minds) and there are no boundaries to such capabilities.”

– Principal Jaslin Neo

At Hundred Thoughts Preschool, we offer the Reggio Emilia inspired approach to learning, a preschool system developed in Reggio Emilia, Italy. It brings children, parents, community and teachers together to create a home school environment where everyone contributes to each child’s learning. Our team of highly experienced educators are committed to maximising each child’s learning potential. We believe that every child is confident and a capable protagonist in his or her own learning. We also see each child as competent and full of potential. We will support and facilitate each child’s viewpoints and abilities.

At our school, we believe in creating opportunities for children to construct their knowledge through daily experiences and encounters with peers, teachers, parents, the community and objects around the world. Our children and teachers are encouraged to create dialogue, compare, negotiate, hypothesise and problem-solve in small groups. Our goal is to cultivate a lifelong passion for exploration and learning within our children.

We value every child as someone strong and capable, rich with wonder and knowledge. We believe that the child is the protagonist in the development of the curriculum, Teachers as Researchers, Parents as Partners and Environment as the Third Teacher.


To enable confident children and active learners


To provide quality and holistic curriculum


To instil our students with Love, Empathy, Respect

Hundred Thoughts Preschool Healthy Pre School Platinum

AT Hundred Thoughts Preschool,  we take our children’s nutrition and well-being very seriously. Our school has been certified by the Health Promotion Board as part of the Healthy Meals in Preschool Programme with the Platinum status. Here, we ensure your child is provided with healthy meals and encouragement to eat right. 


HPB Healthy Pre-School

Digitalisation is an important aspect of Hundred Thoughts Preschool. Our school utilises LittleLives (a preschool education technology platform) which allows our parents to receive announcements from the school, keep track of their children’s learning progress at any time, get regular updates from teachers and monitor their children checking in and out of school when they are unable to send/fetch them. This platform was used to conduct daily home-based learning during the circuit breaker period and had received positive feedback from parents. Interested to find out more? Reach out to us for a demonstration today!